Saturday, March 11, 2017

Carissa's Pineapple upside down CupCakes (gluten free)

Well, I have to tell you when I first saw these Cupcakes being served  and my husband dove into one I was a little jealous!....There was no way I thought they would be Gluten free, but I am so glad I asked.....Yes! they were gluten free, so of course I had to try one...A friend of a friend Carissa had made them, so I started asking her questions of what she did, and she was very nice to let me know how she put them together.....I did not have her exact recipe but I will show you what I did..... they were scrumptious!  So Thank You to Carissa for this idea...I thought these would make a great Easter dessert also.....After making 12 cupcakes I had some batter left, so I filled a tiny loaf pan and a individual bundt pan to make some little upside down cakes to use it up..You can also make these with regular cake mix if you don't need them to be gluten free, still add the pineapple juice instead of water....Here is what I did.....Enjoy!
1 Gluten free vanilla cake mix (I used Betty Crocker)
1 can sliced Pineapple in Pineapple juice (reserve juice)
2/3 Cup of the Pineapple juice to use in place of water for cake mix
Maraschino Cherries
1/2 stick Butter
1/3 Cup Brown Sugar
1. Prepare Cake mix as directed on package (my mix called for 2/3 cup water which I replaced with the juice from the can of pineapple)..set aside
2. In a glass bowl add butter and brown sugar and microwave 30-40 seconds and stir
3. Spray your muffin tin  and place a spoonful of the brown sugar mixture in each spot...then take a slice of pineapple and cut in half, cut in half again and place one on each side of bottom of pan
4. Cut a cherry and place in middle of pineapple slices
5. Pour cake batter on top filling not all the way to top (about 3/4

6. Bake according to directions (mine took about 20 minutes)

7. When done, let cool slightly then place a cookie sheet on top of muffin tin and flip over,
they should remove easily