Monday, October 27, 2014

Crock Pot Ribs

Usually when we make ribs in the summer, I precook them in the oven with my rib rub and then my husband will finish them off on the grill then brush them with our home made barbecue sauce! Once summer is over we usually don't make ribs, well now with making them in the crock pot we can make them more often!,,,,I read up on a lot of different ways to make them in the crock pot and a lot of the recipes had them cooking on low for 6-8 hours!....We found ours to be pretty done at around 4 1/2 hours,(thicker ribs may take longer)  I then removed the ribs and the crockpot liner replaced with a new liner and then added some sauce and the ribs,,,I cooked on low for another hour with the sauce on and they were fall off the bone ready! About the crockpot liners....this was the first time I used them and I highly recommend for this recipe!( you can find them by the plastic wrap and foil) I actually used 2, 1 at the beginning when cooking the ribs, there will be a lot of liquid once done you toss that liner  I added a new liner placed some sauce on bottom add ribs and cover with more sauce, replace lid and continue to cook for another hour if you aren't ready to eat them yet just turn crockpot to warm, that is what I did. You can also use your favorite sauce for this recipe I used Sweet Baby Rays plus my husband added a little open pit, they were very good! Next time I may try with my home made sauce!
We will definitely be making these often this way!,,,,Here is what I did....Enjoy!!

2 slabs ribs (I used baby backs)
1 bottle Sweet Baby Rays sauce
salt and pepper
2 slow cooker liners
Preheat crock pot to low
1. Prepare ribs by removing any fat you can and on bone side we remove the skin or membrane that is over the bone
2. salt and pepper the ribs
3. add liner to crock pot
4. add ribs meat side out, bones toward the center
Cover and check after 4- 4/12 hours, if done remove ribs to a plate
toss the liner, add new liner and add sauce, then add ribs and cover with sauce
cook for another hour on low
**Note...All crock pots are a little different so the first time you make them there may be some trial and error as far as timing goes

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