Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tuna Salad Lettuce Boats

So how this recipe came about was I was making Tuna macaroni salad for my daughter and her friends and I couldn't have any because of the noodles in it, and it looked so good!!.....So I decided to make some for myself minus the macaroni!...So if you want to make tuna macaroni out of this just add some small noodles of your choice (elbows, rotini, penne) ,,,,,I scooped this into a romaine lettuce leaf but you could put it in a tomato or an avocado....or spread it on a cracker! And I just love the peas in here!......This makes a great entrée for a luncheon or just for a snack!...Here is what I did....Enjoy!

1 can albacore tuna
1/2 Cup frozen peas
1 small shallot (diced fine)
salt and pepper
(you can add finely diced celery if you like)
Add frozen peas to a large measuring cup and add hot tap water let set a few minutes to thaw.
Place can of tuna and the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and mix well until everything is combined....Use enough Mayo to make it creamy,,,,,scoop into a lettuce leaf or spread on a cracker as desired!
Or add some cooked macaroni to make a tuna macaroni salad

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