Monday, March 31, 2014

No~Bake Eclair Cake

This is a very easy dessert to make!,,,I have been making a version of this for years and it is one of my family's favorites,,,,I usually layer chocolate pudding between the graham crackers and top with cool whip,,,which is very yummy too!,,,Well here is a new version I tried and it was a big hit also!,,,Here is what I did,,,Enjoy!

1 5.9 oz. Box Instant Vanilla Pudding
8 0z container Cool Whip
3 Cups Milk
graham crackers (about 19)
1 tub chocolate frosting
In a bowl mix pudding and milk until thick.
Fold in cool whip mixing well
set aside
In a 9x13 glass dish layer graham crackers (this doesn't have to look pretty!)
Top graham crackers with 1/2 the pudding mixture
then top with another layer of grahams
add other half of pudding end with a layer of graham crackers
cover with plastic and put in Fridge to set for 30 minutes
Once set take tub of frosting remove lid and foil and microwave for 25 seconds
This will make it easier to pour and spread for your final layer
Cover and refrigerate... overnight is best!

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